Here is a little Flash code snippet to convert the seconds from your audio or video time display project into hours, minutes and remaining seconds (HH:MM:SS). The code is for ActionScript 3.0 but to make it combatable with ActionScript 2.0. Just change the uint data type to Number and it will work fine.

function convertToHHMMSS($seconds:Number):String 
	var s:Number = $seconds % 60;
	var m:Number = Math.floor(($seconds % 3600 ) / 60);
	var h:Number = Math.floor($seconds / (60 * 60));
	var hourStr:String = (h == 0) ? "" : doubleDigitFormat(h) + ":";
	var minuteStr:String = doubleDigitFormat(m) + ":";
	var secondsStr:String = doubleDigitFormat(s);
	return hourStr + minuteStr + secondsStr;

function doubleDigitFormat($num:uint):String 
	if ($num < 10) 
		return ("0" + $num);
	return String($num);

trace( convertToHHMMSS(10701) );

//Output = 02:58:21

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  1. Thanks for sharing that little snipet, was very handy!

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    This worked out of the box and spared me the thinking and development.
    Nice work.
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  3. Thanks for this. Much quicker and simpler than what I was trying to get working.

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  6. Thanks, this is awesome. I have a need to do the opposite: I have a variable that is always in the HH:MM:SS.s format, and I want to convert it to all minutes, lets say, add it to a new variable that will be part of a division function. Can you help?

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  8. Abdur Rahman Says:
    April 2, 2013 at 11:29 pm

    Thanks, you save time.

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  11. Hai thanks its really use full to me in that i just add one more thing for date

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  15. Sumeet Basak Says:
    February 13, 2018 at 7:58 am

    Thank you so much for this piece of code. works like a charm.

  16. Thank you sharing this. saved me a lot of time.

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